This is the personal blog of John Hinds. I am married, have 2 boys and I am a partner in Lojix, a digital marketing agency based in Barnsley. My blog aims to add interesting articles about digital marketing but also about other things that interest me, mainly about my beautiful county of Yorkshire and my love of tennis.

I have had an interest in computers since my mum and dad bought me a Commodore Vic 20 for Christmas which was a few years ago now! What a machine that was. If you wanted to keep any of your programs that you had written they had to be stored to tape or cassette and then reloaded the next time you switched the machine on.

Although I enjoyed playing on the basic games that came with the Vic 20 I mainly enjoyed learning how to program in basic and machine code.

I later moved onto a Commodore 64 and used a BBC computer at school to further my knowledge and interest in computing.

I studied a BTEC diploma in Computing and landed my first job at Lyons Cakes in Barnsley and had the opportunity to work with some of the early personal computers starting with 286 and 386 Compaq’s.

I later moved to Yorkshire Electricity and broadened my knowledge into Servers, Networks and Website design.

In my spare time I would create very basic websites for my wife and friends who had businesses. In 2002, after a buyout of Yorkshire Electricity, I was made redundant but luckily got the opportunity to take over the running of the IT requirements of a friends Health and Safety business.

I then started to pick up other local businesses IT contracts however it was the internet side of the business that I loved the most.

In 2006 I got the opportunity to promote my new accountants website and the success of it prompted a complete shift of focus away from the IT contracts business over to internet marketing.

Lojix now manage the online marketing for more than 25 businesses both local and national.