The 5 most useful WordPress plugins

1: WordPress SEO by Yoast

What on Earth is Yoast and why is it so good?

No, it’s not yoghurt on toast, rather it is pretty much the be all and end all of WordPress SEO plugins. The ultimate. It has been installed and used by almost 4 million people and has earned the reputation of the best of the best. Its greatest function is to help you to fill out meta descriptions for all your posts and pages on your sites, while offering the potential to ensure that your WordPress site is fully optimized for SEO performance. Offering useful tips, Yoast makes the process smooth and glitch free, ensuring minimal banging of heads on desks! Yoast works quietly and diligently in the background to help enhance your SEO viability. A fine example of this is that with Google no utilizing the rel=“prev” and rel=“next” tags, Yoast takes care of that on your behalf. In a nutshell Yoast replaces tedious code entering with simple form filling.

2: Lead Forensics

How Lead Forensics can boost your WordPress site

Lead Forensics is the market leader (by a country mile) when it comes to online lead generation companies. Their handy little WordPress plugin enables those who benefit from their excellent services to add their tracking code from Lead Forensics to the head of their WordPress site. For those wondering whether Lead Forensics’ services are relevant to them, Lead Forensics offer the opportunity to convert anonymous visitors to your particular website into viable sales leads with a wealth of information about their interests and browsing proclivities. The bottom line is that their services and this plugin can help you nab new customers before the competition and boost your ROI. What more can you ask for?

3: Google XML Sitemaps

Why is it the business?

In essence, Google XML Sitemaps is a great plugin that will generate a sitemap specific to your website. Any time you change any little detail on your site it will refresh and update itself to reflect those changes. The key factor is that the plugin is coded in such a way that makes it easier for search engines to read and it is capable of handling and processing far more data than other competitors in the sitemap market. Google XML Sitemaps has another edge in that it is very easy to use. Once installed your work is essentially over. Its main positive impact on SEO is that it makes it much easier for the crawlers to see the complete structure of your site and, therefore, retrieve it more efficiently.

4: Askimet

Anti-Spam Kings

Anyone who uses WordPress will know that spamming is a serious issue that if not controlled can lead to the complete ruination of a perfectly good WordPress site. Askimet have been around for some time and know just how to keep this problem at bay. Their popularity says it all – with active installs in the millions and well over 12 million total downloads, Askimet have the confidence of WordPress users the world over. It works by the principle that each time a new comment, pingback or trackback is submitted on your site, they carry out literally hundreds of tests to determine if it falls into the dreaded spam category.

5: Jetpack

Another Automatic winner

Created by Automatic (like Askimet) Jetpack has created a great stir of late with industry figures suggesting the very future of WordPress owes a great deal to this nifty, powerful plugin. Jetpack will make custom CSS easier to use and edit, it will enable you to publicize over 6 different social media platforms with great speed and ease as well as accurately filtering related posts and enabling easy sharing on the part of your readership. On top of this it features Photon, which basically speeds up image viewing a great deal. Jetpack truly is essential.

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