Ways to Generate new Leads for Your Business


Despite growing consensus that SEO has been misused and overused in recent times it remains the case that a little SEO can go a long way. There are some key points that you can implement to ensure your SEO is not over egged and is focused in the right ways.

  • Make your website responsive as that is a sure-fire way to gain good Google ratings. 2015 saw the monumental shift in Google’s criteria for search result rankings. The company is now judging how ‘mobile-friendly’ a site is and furthermore, is using that metric to weight search results served to mobile devices.
  • It is vital to ensure pages are structured appropriately in the WordPress theme (if you are using this medium. It pays to research what some of the more common searches in your field are and insert those keywords in your home page title tags.
  • Utilise smooth, readable description tags; don’t simply fill them with keywords. They need to be able to be human-read. A complete sentence helps.
  • The fundamental point remains content. Add, add and add. And keep it fresh and relevant.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click or PPC ensures that you are paying for what you get. Advertisers pay literally per click on their advertisements – ensuring at least that someone is watching. It does, however, need to be the right someone to instigate lead generation. Also, it needs to be well implemented. Your targets should be directed to a well-written landing page as opposed to your company homepage. Although your home page may represent the most comprehensive overview, landing pages should be specifically designed to generate a direct action from a visitor that will convert them into a lead. Direction and focus is the key. It should also be made clear that your content (i.e. landing page) matches the content in the advertisement from to the visitor responded. Offering rewards or quizzes and providing evidence of your service through some key customer feedback snippets can make all the difference to a successful landing page.

Lead Generation software

Software companies like Lead Forensics have gained a massive foothold in the game of lead generation. Billed as turbo charged lead generation, the likes of Lead Forensics allow you to get an insight into the motivations and habits as well as industries of your visitors. You can then, based on the insights, decide how best to follow up.

Email marketing

When we mention lead generation in the context of email marketing it makes sense to first define what we mean by a lead. Is it: A form-filler on a website; an e-book downloader; or a webinar attendee? In the business to business marketing world this is the typical way we think of leads. And yet there is the very real possibility that the e-book purchaser may have only been interested in that particular book and has no real interest in your company or services. The nurturing of a flicker of curiosity is what marketers hope to achieve through email marketing and it can be the best way to do this. The most efficient way is through the use of functionality that is built into marketing automation software.

Social Media Development

It is impossible to talk about lead generation in the 2010s without making reference to social media and the vital role it plays in building trust and a following of dedicated customers. Well directed Facebook and Twitter accounts play a huge role in both generating leads and maintaining contact with converted leads and it is vital that content be refreshed, updated and filled with interesting things like offers, quizzes, surveys and customer feedback that has made you proud.

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